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escape rooms - Captured

#1 – Captured

Curious about the old abandoned storefront on South State Street, you and your friends decide late one night to let yourselves in and see what secrets this piece of history holds.

Consequently, as you descend into the belly of the building, you find yourself face to face with someone who is more than a little upset that you have trespassed.

With a promise to return and finish you off, the owner locks you in a prison where it is apparent others have met their demise.  You have just 60 minutes to work together to escape your captor, sort through the clues and make your way outside to freedom.

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escape rooms - Lockdown in London

#2 – Lockdown in London

You’ve just finished an unforgettable week with friends in the heart of historic London.  Caught up in the excitement of the busy city, you find yourself pressed for time to gather your things and tidy up the flat before the checkout deadline.

As you hurriedly pack your bags, you hear a frantic cry from the bathroom!  To your dismay, one of your friends has been locked in the loo!  You check your watch and realize you’re past your checkout time and therefore the whole house is on lockdown.

You have just 60 minutes to unravel the mystery behind the music and art of that London flat or you’re sure to miss your flight home!

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We believe our escape rooms provide . . .

We all need more unplugged family fun time! Our goal is to provide the perfect venue for memorable entertainment with your family and friends! Enjoy some interactive games in the lobby and brush up on your teamwork skills as you prepare to work together. Solve puzzles and follow clues that will allow you to get out of our escape rooms in 60 minutes or less.  Add some uninterrupted family fun onto your calendar and Escape from South State Street today!


All escape rooms are priced individually. Groups of 8-12 will receive an automatic group discount when booking. All escape rooms are booked privately. 

What our customers are saying about our escape rooms:

I’ve done SO MANY escape rooms – probably between 15-20, and their London one was by FAR my FAVORITE of all time. Their Captured room is also really good. Excellent puzzles, great service, and a really fun time!  ~Gabrielle

“Had a great time. Well put together. This takes some effort. Like one you would see in a larger metro area. They have put some time and money into this and it shows! 8 of us went and had a blast!” ~Phillip

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